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What is INASEP?

The­­­ International Association of Environmental Professionals (INASEP) provides a global community for environmental professionals from various fields of work and study. We understand that environmental professionals are often fighting an uphill battle to acquire budget, knowledge and resources required to adequately protect the environment and human health, comply with regulations, and conduct all operations with due diligence to the environment and human health.

Our mandate is to make a difference in the environmental professional community by providing a wealth of member resources – information papers and fact sheets; downloadable and customizable resources, such as forms, checklists and procedures; and professional development/ continuing education online training courses. All of INASEP’s resources are available to all professionals across the broad spectrum of environmental disciplines, at one low annual membership fee. 

“The environment is where we all meet: where we all have a mutual interest; it is the one thing all of us share. It is not only a mirror of ourselves, but a focusing lens on what we can become.”

– Lady Bird Johnson 

Membership Features

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FactSheets and InfoPapers


Professional Development Online Courses


Forms, Checklists and Procedures for Best Practice

Featured Courses – Continuing Education

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The EnviroAware course provided through INASEP offers introductory environmental training on topics such as environmental impacts to land, air and water. This course is suitable as introductory level training for all employees and contractors, to assist with ensuring environmental due diligence in the workplace.

Coming August 2020!

Members: FREE - Non-members: $97 USD

PFAS – Introduction to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

The Introduction to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances online professional training course provides environmental professionals with relevant information about PFAS. Get informed about PFAS today! Topics include - What are PFAS and where do they come from? - PFAS Chemical and Physical Properties - Fate and Transport in the Environment - Treatment Options and Remediation Challenges

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Using Drones for Environmental Applications

The Using Drones for Environmental Applications professional development training course provides environmental professionals with information about aerial imagery basics, types of equipment, and how drones can be used to support environmental monitoring and management, including - Assessing and Monitoring Sensitive Areas and Species at Risk - Mapping and Modelling - Vegetation and Agricultural Assessment - Shoreline Monitoring - Tracking Remediation Projects - Pipeline Inspection, Oil and Gas Industry - Energy / Renewable Energy Management - Conducting Air and Water Sampling


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Groundwater – Characterization, Field Sampling and Monitoring Programs

The Groundwater - Introduction to Sampling professional development online training course provides environmental professionals with knowledge about: Groundwater's Role in the Water Cycle - Hydrogeology Basics - Planning Groundwater Sampling Events - Groundwater Level Measurement - Purging & Evacuating a Well From Stagnant Water - Low-Flow Purging & Sampling - Monitoring Field Parameters -Sample Collection Procedures -Equipment Decontamination - Quality Assurance and Control - Sample Handling, Chain of Custody & Shipping - Collection of Drinking Water Samples

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For details of upcoming courses, and courses currently under development, see our Courses Page.



“I’m most excited about the downloadable content from INASEP – it will be useful for all of my staff – the information sheets and customizable resources are going to be great time-savers for us, with information that workers from all levels can easily understand.”

Nate B.

Environmental Manager