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Continuing education is paramount in the rapidly developing environmental field. Professionals need to keep up with new knowledge, technology, regulations and standards, and approaches to best practices. Many employers or professional certification bodies require continuing education credits or points.

INASEP’s online professional development training courses may qualify for continuing education credits with your professional certification body. Once all modules of a course have been completed and the quizzes successfully passed with a minimum of 80% correct, a Certificate of Completion will be provided in the Member’s name, detailing the number of training hours and the topic. 

While our website is undergoing renovations, some courses are now available. Note that our courses are continually being developed, and more will be added soon. Thank you!

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An Introduction to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

The Introduction to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances online professional training course provides environmental professionals with relevant information about PFAS. Get informed about PFAS today! Topics include - What are PFAS and where do they come from? - PFAS Chemical and Physical Properties - Fate and Transport in the Environment - Treatment Options and Remediation Challenges

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Using Drones for Environmental Applications

The Using Drones for Environmental Applications professional development training course provides environmental professionals with information about aerial imagery basics, types of equipment, and how drones can be used to support environmental monitoring and management, including - Assessing and Monitoring Sensitive Areas and Species at Risk - Mapping and Modelling - Vegetation and Agricultural Assessment - Shoreline Monitoring - Tracking Remediation Projects - Pipeline Inspection, Oil and Gas Industry - Energy / Renewable Energy Management - Conducting Air and Water Sampling

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Groundwater – Introduction to Sampling

The Groundwater - Introduction to Sampling professional development online training course provides environmental professionals with knowledge about: Groundwater's Role in the Water Cycle - Hydrogeology Basics - Planning Groundwater Sampling Events - Groundwater Level Measurement - Purging & Evacuating a Well From Stagnant Water - Low-Flow Purging & Sampling - Monitoring Field Parameters -Sample Collection Procedures -Equipment Decontamination - Quality Assurance and Control - Sample Handling, Chain of Custody & Shipping - Collection of Drinking Water Samples

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